Who Sings Diamond Girl?

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Song: Diamond Girl (1973)

Artist: Seals and Crofts

Album: Diamond Girl (Warner Brothers)

The song Diamond Girl was performed and recorded by Seals and Croft in 1973. Their equally famous hit Summer Breeze is a bit too saccharine for me, even from a consistent saccharin act. I mean, “blowing through the Jasmine in my mind?” Bleck. Yet, it is just as likely to show up on a 70s hit compilation as their equally big hit, Diamond Girl, a far cooler song whose opening riff you will instantly recognize.

Seals and Crofts came out of south Texas in the early 1970s and released platinum hit after platinum hit. Consisting of Jim Seals and Darrel “Dash” Crofts who had previously been with the Champs and the Dawnbreakers. They had a soft-rock mellow sound that was right at home on the airwaves at that time. While they may bear comparison to CSN, they were much softer and laid back, placed solidly in the genre which came to be known as California rock. Texas contributed two others who went on to dominate the so-called California sound, Don Henley and J.D. Souther, who joined Glen Frey to form the Eagles, managing to keep it smooth and easy but taking some of the sugar out of it, while adding a country flavor.

Seals and Crofts’s first two albums, the first in 1970, were released on the TA label. Their third album, Year Of Sundays, was with Warner Brothers, but they didn’t have a major breakthrough until their fourth album with its title song. Summer Breeze went to number 6 in November of 1972 and spent 18 weeks on the charts. Then came Diamond Girl, in 1973.

Diamond Girl girl rose to number 6 on the Billboard charts in July of 1973, also spending 18 weeks on the charts. The album was produced by Louie Shelton, who also worked with England Dan & John Ford Coley and a host of others on the who’s who of music, including with Boz Scaggs on Lowdown. The Brother Of Jim Seals, Dan, was part of England Dan and John Ford Coley, themselves just as likes to be found the same ’70s compilations. They too, were sugary sweet, with hits like I’d Really Like to See You Tonight, and Nights are Forever Without You.

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