Did John Lennon Say Life Is What Happens When Your Busy Making Other Plans?

Song: Beautiful Boy Album: Double Fantasy Artist: John Lennon Writer: John Lennon John Lennon definitely did say ‘life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans. He said it in a song called Beautiful Boy from 1981. The question is whether he originated the saying, as is often claimed. Although Lennon is the originator … Read more

Really Love Your Peaches, Wanna Shake Your Tree – The True Origin?

The Joker, Steve Miller

Song: The Joker (1973) Artist: Steve Miller Band Album: The Joker (Capitol) Steve Miller’s lyric on The Joker, the pompatus of love, really stands out. I’ve already explained where he got that from. No, it was not original to him. Many people, including myself, also love the line from The Joker, “You’re the cutest thing … Read more

Who Sang I Got My Mind Set on You Before George Harrison?

Song: Got My Mind Set On You (1987) Artist: George Harrison Album: Cloud Nine Label: Dark Horse Writer: Rudy Clark George Harrison had a number one hit with Got My Mind Set on You in January of 1988. It was his last number one hit and the only one he didn’t write himself. The song … Read more

Who Wrote the Theme Song From Sanford and Son?

Song: Sanford and Son Theme (The Streetbeater) (1972/1973) Artist: Quincy Jones Album: You’ve Got It Bad Girl Label: A&M Composer: Quincy Jones Sanford and Son is one of the greatest American television shows of all time. I’m still amazed that Redd Fox was only 49 years old when the show started. He so successfully portrayed … Read more

Did Lana Del Rey Steal Creep From Radiohead?

Song: Creep (1992) Artist: Radiohead Album: Pablo Honey Label: Parlophone / Capitol Writer: Thom Yorke, Mike Hazlewood, Albert Hammond The controversy surrounding the supposed lawsuit between the band Radiohead and Lana Dal Rey over their 1992 hit song Creep goes to show us that you just can’t write something brand new. No matter how much … Read more

Who Did Tainted Love Before Soft Cell?

Song: Tainted Love (1981) Artist: Soft Cell Album: Non-Stop Erotic Caberet Label: Some Bizzare/ Sire/ Warner Bros. Records Writer: Ed Cobb When Tainted Love was first released in 1964 as the B-side of a record called ‘My Bad Boy’s Comin’ Home’ it was a total commercial failure. No, you are not experiencing a senior moment. … Read more