Everybody Look What’s Goin Down

Buffalo Springfield

Song: For What It’s Worth (1967) Artist: Buffalo Springfield Album: Buffalo Springfield (Atco) Buffalo Springfield has had a tremendous influence on folk-rock, and the so-called “California Sound.” Two of their members, Stephen Stills and Neil Young, are today musical icons and they were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1997. Yet, … Read more

I’ve Got the Music in Me: Kiki Dee

Kik Dee singing, 1974

Song: I’ve Got the Music In Me (1974) Artist: Kiki Dee Album: I’ve Got the Music In Me (Rocket) If you watched the recent Elton John biopic (if you could call it that), Rocket Man, you may have been interested to see the scene with Elton John recording the duet Don’t Go Breaking My Heart … Read more

Please Share My Umbrella – What Song Is It?

The Hollies, 1964

Song: Bus Stop (1966) Artist: Hollies Album: Bus Stop (Imperial) Written by Graham Gouldman, the opening lyrics of Bus Stop, are “Bus stop, wet day, she’s there, I say please share my umbrella.” The Hollies, however, were co-founded by another famous Graham, Graham Nash, of Crosby, Stills and Nash, along with his friend Alan Clarke, who … Read more

Please Don’t Bother Trying To Find Her, She’s Not There

Song: She’s Not There (1964) Artist: The Zombies Album: The Zombies (Parrot) Written by Rod Argent, who wrote many other classic rock songs, She’s Not There was the first hit by the Zombies. It is also one of those songs that, if you have only heard Santana’s version (1977), you should listen to the original, without … Read more

I Bless The Rains Down In Africa: What Song Is It?

Song: Africa (1982) Artist: Toto Album: Toto IV (Columbia) The lyric “I bless the rains down in Africa” come from the band Toto’s greatest hit song, Africa, released on the album Toto IV in 1982. It is said to be misheard, sometimes, as “I left my brains down in Africa” but it is uncertain whether this particular … Read more

What Song By David Bowie Goes “Fame, Fame, Fame, Fame…”

Song: Fame (1975) Artist: David Bowie Album: Young Americans Fame is one of the David Bowie Songs you will hear most often on the radio. Or, as hip music critics say, “it is an FM radio classic,” as if anyone actually listens to AM anymore. Yes, with FM there’s no static at all. You can stop saying … Read more

What Was the First Album to Be Released on Compact Disc?

First album released on CD

Artist: Bill Joel Album: 52nd Street (1978, released on CD, 1982) The journey toward the CD began in the early 1970s when Sony and Phillips began working on an optical disc with digitally encoded sound that could be read by laser. Before the compact disc, it was all vinyl and cassette tape. It was even … Read more