I’m Special, So Special: What Song Is It?

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Song: Brass in Pocket (1980)

Artist: Pretenders

Album: The Pretenders (Real Records/Sire)

Brass in Pocket may be the most well-known Pretenders song, but since, like so much of the Pretender’s music, it has lived on so long, many people who hear it may have never heard of the Pretenders.

Since the words “Brass in Pocket” are never sung in the song, many people think it is called “I’m Special” and in fact, it is sometimes rendered as Brass in Pocket (I’m Special). This is one of those songs where most all the lyrics are instantly recognizable, as is Chrissie Hynde’s attitude-laden, in your face but still soulful and sexy performance, but few people know the name of the song. “Got brass in pocket” is the first line of the song and is then never sung again.

The self-titled “The Pretenders” album was the band’s first. It started its climb in Britain, but Brass in Pocket was the group’s first U.S. hit. Although a lot of the band’s success should be attributed to James Honyman-Scott’s guitar work, it cannot be denied that Chrissie Hynde is one of the most truly original female rock stars, and her vocals are certainly among the most unique and talented. Many of the female rockers who followed in her footsteps could only wish to emulate her. Brass in Pocket is not only the Pretenders’ most well-known song, but it is one of the most played classic rock songs on the radio. Listen to a live version of Brass in Pocket from 1980, below.

Brass in Pocket Video

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