Don’t You Tell Me No…

Song: A Little Respect (1988) Artist: Erasure Album: The Innocents Writers: Andy Bell, Vince Clark Label: Sire (US), Mute (UK) Don’t you tell me no…Soul, I hear you calling…Oh, baby please give a little respect to me.. If it’s not the repeated refrain, “that you gimme no,” it’s the refrain “don’t you tell me no” … Read more

Josie’s On a Vacation Far Away

Song: Your Love (1985) Artist: The Outfield Album: Play Deep Writer: John Spinks Most people instantly recognize this song by the opening lyrics, concerning Josie and her vacation. For some reason, they just hit you in the face. Who is Josie? And, why are they singing a song about her? The song is called Your Love … Read more

I’m Not In Love, It’s Just a Silly Phase I’m Going Through

Song: I’m Not in Love (1975) Artist: 10cc Album: The Original Soundtrack (Mercury) Writers: Eric Stewart, Graham Gouldman I’m Not in Love is the first song played in the movie Guardians of the Galaxy (1). It plays while Peter Quill is waiting to see his mom in the hospital. This was not the first movie soundtrack … Read more

Who Did Barbara Ann First Before The Beach Boys?

Song: Babara Ann (1961) Artist: The Regents Writer: Fred Fassert Label: Cousins Records Barbara Ann is one of the most recognizable Beach Boys songs. It may even be the song many think of when they think of the Beach Boys, although purists might object. But Babara Ann wasn’t original to the group. It was first … Read more

Who Did ‘Red, Red Wine’ First Before UB40?

Song: Red, Red Wine (1968) Artist: Neil Diamond Album: Just For You (Bang) Writer: Neil Diamond In 1988 UB40, a group from Birmingham UK had a no. 1 hit with a song called Red, Red Wine, done in a reggae style (they were not the first, see below). Although UB40 has plenty of original material, their hit-making … Read more

Who Did ‘It’s My Life’ First Before No Doubt?

Song: It’s My Life (1984) Artist: Talk Talk Writers: Mark Hollis and Tim Friese-Greene Album: It’s My Life Label: EMI (UK), EMI America (US) It may be hard to believe, but No Doubt’s huge hit It’s My Life was recorded almost twenty years after the original. The song was written by Tim Friese-Greene and Mark … Read more

You Don’t Have to Be a Star to Be in My Show

Song: You Don’t Have to Be a Star (1976) Artist: Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis Jr. Album: I Hope WE Get to Love in Time (ABC) Writers: James Dean, John Glover You Don’t Have to Be a Star (To Be in My Show) was a number one hit for Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis Jr. … Read more