Who Recorded ‘Heart and Soul’ First Before Huey Lewis and the News?

Song: Heart and Soul (1981) Artist: Exile Album: Heart and Soul Writers: Mike Chapman and Nicky Chinn Label: Warner Curb Records Heart and Soul is undoubtedly one of the most infectious songs from a group known for infectious rock/pop songs, Huey Lewis and the News. I am a huge News fan and always have been. … Read more

Wind Beneath My Wings: Who Did It first Before Bette Midler?

Song: Wind Beneath My Wings (1989) Artists: Bette Midler Writers: Jeff Silbar and Larry Henley As songs featured in movie soundtracks go, Wind Beneath My Wings is a big deal. Played in the movie Beaches, it was a no. one hit in 1989 and won Grammy awards for both song of the Year and Record of the … Read more

Everything Is Beautiful In It’s Own Way

Song: Everything Is Beautiful (1970) Artist: Ray Stevens Album: Everything Is Beautiful (Barnaby) Writer: Ray Stevens I grew up listing to Ray Stevens comedy songs. I was so used to laughing so hard to Ray Stevens on the radio that I probably never realized that the song Everything is Beautiful was written and performed by Stevens. I … Read more

Me and Bobby McGee: Who Did It First Before Janis Joplin?

Song: Me and Bobby McGee (1969) Artist: Roger Miller Writers: Kris Kristofferson, Fred Foster Me and Bobby McGee has certainly made the rounds. It has been recorded or performed so many times by so many musicians to try to list them all would just invite endless corrections and offers of the “best” version. Sorry, no, … Read more

The Stampeders – Sweet City Woman

Song: Sweet City Woman (1971) Artist: Stampeders Writer: Rich Dodson Sweet City Woman was released in 1971 by a Canadian Band out of Calgary, Alberta, the Stampeders. They were together for eight years before they had a huge number one rock hit in Canada on their debut album called Against the Grain. The song also reached … Read more

I Wanna Kiss You All Over

Song: Kiss You All Over (1978) Artist: Exile Album: Mixed Emotions Casual country fans might be shocked to know that the 80’s country hitmakers, Exile, toured with acts such as Aerosmith, Heart, Dave Mason, Boston, and Seals & Crofts in 1978. Although their first no. 1 country hit was Woke Up in Love in 1983, … Read more

Always On My Mind: Who Did It First Before Willie Nelson?

Willie Nelson Always On My Mind album cover

Song: Always On My Mind (1982) Artist: Willie Nelson Album: Always On My Mind (Columbia) Despite the likes of Elvis, Brenda Lee, and The Pet Shop boys having recorded it, Willie Nelson’s version of ‘Always on My Mind‘ is still considered the definitive version, not to mention the song for which he is most known. … Read more