Is the Song Mad World About Suicide?

Song: Mad World (1982) Artist: Tears for Fears Album: The Hurting (Mercury/ Phonogram) The song Mad World by Tears for Fears was written by Roland Orzabal and Sung by the band’s bassist and co-founder Curt Smith. Like most Tears for Fears songs, it featured dark and serious lyrics juxtaposed with a more new wave synthesizer-dominant … Read more

I Got My First Real Six String | Summer of ’69

Song: Summer of ’69 (1985) Artist: Bryan Adams Album: Reckless Bryan Adams sang about getting his first real six-string guitar, trying to start a band, contemplating forever with his teen-age girl-friend, and similar teenage dreams in 1984 on his fourth studio album, Reckless. Now, the Canadian singer-songwriter is 56 years old, having been born in November … Read more

She’s So Popular – Games Without Frontiers

Peter Gabriel performing, 1980

Song: Games Without Frontiers (1980) Artist: Peter Gabriel Album: Peter Gabriel III (Mercury) Why does Peter Gabriel sing “she’s so popular” in the song Games Without Frontiers? He is singing about kids, so, one of the kids may be popular, but it does seem to come a bit out of left field. Well, it is a … Read more

Ain’t Nothing Gonna Break My Stride

Song: Break My Stride (1983) Artist: Matthew Wilder Album: I Don’t Speak the Language (Private I) Break My Stride is Matthew Wilder’s one hit song from 1983. Although Wilder had little support, he managed to compete with other one-hits such as Der Kommisar, Blinded Me with Science, and Kajagoogoo (Too Shy). This feel-good pop-rock classic can still be heard … Read more

Always On My Mind: Who Did It First Before Willie Nelson?

Willie Nelson Always On My Mind album cover

Song: Always On My Mind (1982) Artist: Willie Nelson Album: Always On My Mind (Columbia) Despite the likes of Elvis, Brenda Lee, and The Pet Shop boys having recorded it, Willie Nelson’s version of ‘Always on My Mind‘ is still considered the definitive version, not to mention the song for which he is most known. … Read more

I Bless The Rains Down In Africa: What Song Is It?

Song: Africa (1982) Artist: Toto Album: Toto IV (Columbia) The lyric “I bless the rains down in Africa” come from the band Toto’s greatest hit song, Africa, released on the album Toto IV in 1982. It is said to be misheard, sometimes, as “I left my brains down in Africa” but it is uncertain whether this particular … Read more

What Song Goes In a Big Country Dreams Stay With You?

Big Country Album Cover

Song: In a Big Country (1983) Artist: Big Country Album: The Crossing (Mercury) When you hear the song In a Big Country you might think the band Irish, but Big Country was actually a Scottish group. They rose to great heights at a time when music was dominated by “new wave,” like Duran Duran, The Human League, … Read more