What Does the Song Crimson and Clover Mean?

Song: Crimson and Clover (1968) Artist: Tommy James & the Shondells Writers: Tommy James and Peter Lucia Album: Crimson and Clover (Roulette) Tommy James credits the song Crimson and Clover for allowing the band to pivot from a singles-oriented AM radio band to FM radio progressive album-oriented rock. Without this change, he is sure, the … Read more

What Does the Song Mony Mony Mean?

Song: Mony Mony (1968) Artist: Tommy James and the Shondells (covered by Billy Idol) Album: Crimson and Clover (Roulette) Most people today probably know Mony, Mony from Billy Idol, but that is not who sang Mony, Mony originally. It’s a song from the 1960’s from Tommy James and the Shondells, a band of many hits, and many covered … Read more